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Turned the back on the hunt

This authentic letter to the editor of an ex-hunter reached us just before press deadline

Before I had my shooting licence I thought that it is something special if you are a hunter and you have your own weapons, you can go hunting with them and shoot your own wild game – which you eat later by yourself, as well. I thought that you can imagine the nature much better as a hunter and that you can enjoy the calmness much more efficient. So, you will experience pure relaxation in the forest. You feel as if the forest would be your own. Pedestrians disturb, joggers are hated and horsemen are unwanted, as well. This never made odds to me. The forest is there for everybody for recovering and everybody has a right to walk in the nature and is allowed to go on paths as long as he or she wants to. You are sitting on your raised hide waiting that the wild game arrives and then you observe it. You aim at it and shoot it and then you had „good hunting“.
5 years have passed since then and you met hunters and people in this short period of time from which you had a total different image at the beginning. Enviousness settled in, everybody wanted to be the best hunter. For many of them it was an aim to posses the own hunt ground. It was first priority to arrange own hunts and to invite surrounding hunters as well as especially highly placed huntsmen. Everything is a magnificent spectacle. You want to have prestige and the fellow men should admire you because you are the huntsman with your own hunt ground in the village. You can decide who is allowed to drive with the car on the ways and who you report to the police. »Ridiculous and inexcusable«, I thought already from the beginning. Why do the huntsmen not leave these people are? They air as the sheriff of the forest.
I was already hunting for the government and private for a huntsman at the end. I already experienced some hunting trips and there were nearly none where not anything would have been occurred. Once, a shot loosened while setting the weapon to the floor. The hunter nearly shot herself in her head. During a maize hunt it was shot crosswise over the maize past the heads of the hunters standing in a line. The shot rebounded on a bordered, mowed down rape field and proceed to a ricochet shot. A German longhair hound was mistaken for a wild boar and was shot in his hip. The dog screamed dreadfully and was finally delivered from his approaching owner. One week later, a dog from a woodman was shot dead during a fox hunt. The dog was mistaken for a fox. During a maize hunt, hunters aimed with their weapon at the ready left and right on their neighbour hunters – unconscious just because of their lecherousness to shoot the sow first when it sticks the head out of the maize. As I advised him of this after the hunt I even was vituperated and what I would have imagined. I just can say: really cheekily. Such huntsmen shoot at everything. Therefore, there are so many hunting accidents.
Another huntsman laid his loaded and not secured automatic weapon on the passengers’ seat of his car when a shot loosened and bumped through the front passenger door. Thank God that nobody was standing next to the car in this moment.
As a shot crashed suddenly over us into the tree during a night hunt, there was just one thing to do: to lay flat on the ground and to wait. Afterwards, we found out that some hidden wild boars paved the way into freedom as the hunting was finished and an old, shoot def huntsman has opened the fire once again and shot in our direction.
Barking and the painful screaming of a deer got me from my raised hide during a battue and I saw two hounds in the thicket which held a wounded deer with a foreleg shot at its haunch. The other dog had already devoured a big piece game (meat) out of it. I could shoot this poor deer with a finishing shot.
This is just tip of the iceberg what happens during the hunts here. Roebucks are shot in December on a battue although they have close season and although they have already 12cm visible antlers. A she-goat (word for a female dam deer) was shot by an irresponsible person in front of their fawns (children) and the fawns stray without mother in the cold winter time. Great huntsmen. Ugh! Disgusting! That is all I can say.
This is all just lying and palliation and has nothing to deal with hunting. Animals (deer) are allured with apple leftovers in need (winter) when the food supply is scant and then they are shooting dastardly from the raise hide. Fox are shot and are just thrown in the thicket in large part. In the past, they were skinned and the coat was used but the huntsmen do not bother to do this anymore and primarily they are afraid of the fox tapeworm.
I could write a book about these 5 years of hunting which would make some huntsman to a hunting antagonist and which would persuade many neutral persons as well.
You can not imagine what kind of massacre it is which these gentlemen do here in the forest. Feel ashamed! I could not suffer it anymore and hung hunting up – and I regret bitterly that I ever was hunting and that I caused suffering to the animals – although I just shot when I knew and when I saw what it was and when I could shoot it down without long pain. This, what many others do have nothing to deal with hunting anymore.
Today, battues are organized predominantly so that they do not have to lurk too long for the poor creature in the forest. Anyway, the fewest are doing so as they get too lazy by and by but they want to play the big hunter. Therefore, many owner of hunting ground have their own flunky who does the work for them: building raised hides, organize hunts – and they are the big hunting bosses.
Every shot brings money and many do not have this money to pay their hunting tenure. So, more animals have to been killed to come into money – to regret of the animals. For a sow with 30 kg you get easily 150, - Euro and for a deer with 20 kg you get even 130, - Euro. The wild game shot during battues which have not been hit neatly will be thrown to the dogs. The wild game cannot be used as the whole intestine and stomach is totally ruined. So they just make dog food out of it. What an attitude! Wild becomes a living training target.
The huntsmen do not need to pose as gamekeeper and conservationists. They should come out of the closet to be animal murderer for their own satisfaction.
Animals are shot in the spotlight out of the car at night. Wild pigs are shot with a night aiming device at night. Where the wild pig does have still a chance in this case??
Why do many people see no animals anymore on fields, meadows and in the forest by day? The huntsmen exert such an enormous hunting pressure that the animals are just nocturnal and have to hide in the forest by day. At night, they go on the fields in the absolute darkness and have to trust in their olfactory organs and have to feed in the darkness. The human being is really perverse.
If the animals cannot be shot with a normal hunt anymore they will be rushed with dogs out of their thicket where they still have a little protection. They are hunted in front of the rifle of the huntsman so that he can shoot the animals. How perverse! There does no excuse exist anymore and I regret deeply that I have ever done such a thing. I hope I will be forgiven. I just can request everybody to report such un-expertly malfeasance to the authorities so that a start can be made to give the animals a new chance in the forest. Be honest to yourself and take a heart, if you even have one and do the same as I did! Support that hunting will be terminated. There are much more reasonable things as killing animals. You would be the poorest if there will be no animals anymore.
W.T. (name is known to the editorial office)