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Vegetarisch genießen

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The blame of religion

Priests are to blame for animals harm

Although all important religions

of the world instruct a vegetarian nutrition in their apparently origin, the priests, scribes and monks managed to turn upside down, to pervert and to counterfeit this truth – until people ate meat without scruples. The animal roast is indispensable, especially on „Christian“ celebrations.

- People like to orientate towards ideals. That means: Most of them believe in authorities. For example: hundred million of people trust their religious leaders implicitly. Traditions define their life. Especially religious traditions – knowing or unknowing. This has been always like this and this is still the same today. It does not matter if a skull is carried through the streets as a relic of a supposed „saint“ or if a shrine is opened in which you can see human parts of a dead body of an ancestor: people of distinction, refined or illiterate persons, politicians and academic persons – everybody like to attend in the festive suit in the front line.
Priests boosted and benefited from this weakness of people for many years. The consequences of religious traditions are especially cruel for the animal kingdom. Take into consideration that hundred millions of animals are kept in dark and tight cages every year. They are tortured, fed up, transported and treated undeservingly and slaughtered finally in a brutal manner. Just to tickle the palate of people as a skilful served food for every day. And you have to consider as well that theses absurd habits deal with traditions of people whose roots are founded in the relative religion – therefore the question is justifiable if priests are to blame for animals harm. Religious traditions are hold up and maintained by priests – and mostly they also have been created by priests, monks or scribes.
- It is differently in regions in which the religious writings are not distorted too much – e.g. in India:
Most “useful animals” of the world live proportionally in India. Fewest animals of the world are slaughtered and eaten in India, at the same time. Due to the fact that most Indians (Hindus) are vegetarian.

»As long as you live modest,

the luck in your home will increase; the animals will stay in security; no blood will spilled, no animals are killed. The table will just be laid with fruits which are given by nature.« Basilius the Great (330-379)

- It is remarkable: The original religious writings of the important world religions demand love and respect for all creatures of God. Anyhow, the sacred writings impose people vegetarian or even vegan nutrition. Killing of an animal is categorized as a misdemeanour.
What has become of these commandments? The writings have been changed, completed, counterfeited and deformed theological-intellectually by priest, monks and scribes since millenniums.
Zen-Master Kapleau is convinced that „meat-avaricious monks and scribes“ have plant falsifications in certain text of Buddha supplementary.
- Concerning the Bible we know about the scripture falsification first Hand – as is generally known, from Jerome itself who composed the Latin original version of the Bible, the Vulgate. Jerome was afraid to be called a counterfeiter by later generations as the available texts were such contradictorily.
You can recognize easily that there is something wrong in the Old Testament, as well. The prophets railed unreserved at the victim cult which has been introduced by priests (and was put in the mouth of Moses afterwards). Indeed, victims belong to the past but the tradition of killing remained: with horrible consequences for animals.

Buddah mit Jünger und Tieren