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I do not expunge a life for a culinary delight

A vegan as a trainee in a slaughter house

After our report in issue n° 2/05 the following article of a trainee reached our editorial office:

There are standing houses at the end of the street and these houses represent the end of many lives. Unfortunately, no animal which arrives here had a natural life and none of them is died because of a natural death. Welcome to the slaughter house!

The end comes cruel and fast and means a lot of money for unconscionable business men. Not only the end is cruel. The whole life was programmed to die for the meat industry. These cattle are prepared for this dreadful death up from their birth.
The smell of dead bodies is in the air and indicates something inauspiciously. I pass through the gate and go into the hall to the changing room and I am „packed“ in a plastic overall which looks like a strait jacket, get the „trainee gumboots“ on, my own vinyl glove and get a cap on my head. We arrive here to the „meat inspection“ at the late afternoon; at this time the animals are already driven in the next hall so that you do not notice the eyes anymore which are widened because of fear of death.
The cattle are driven into this hall after the transport – into the killing bay. There, direct bolts shoot smashes the head bone in the triangle between their eyes and forehead and explodes in their brain. So, the animals are brain-dead but the heart has to beat so that it will bleed to death well.
Trays are put under them – everything should be used. Immediately after the bleeding the cattle are hang up on their hamstring on a slaughter hook. These facts are told me descriptively – I could not have stand to take part directly. The bodies reach the next hall by a treadmill. You have to pay attention that no bodies or slaughter hooks strike against your head. At the first view in this hall I had a lump in my throat. How can people be so dead hearted to arrange such a massacre, to behold it as normal and to be allowed to practice it legally? This unscrupulousness and greed for money make me speechless.
My first thought: to ran away and to cry – but I am immediately aware of the fact that I am not responsible for this massacre! But: Everybody still eating meat should be ashamed to be responsible for this!
Bodies and heads arrive separated through the treadmill. Both are skinned; the claws already missing. Their legs are non-switched with chains. The skin is removed by machines and men and is then driven by a conveyer belt outside in a huge container for the leather processing industry. You step in blood puddles. Blood is splashing everywhere, small pieces of meat fly around because „waste“ is thrown in certain bins and sometimes it lands next to them.
Everything is separated: phrenic, kidney or lever – depending to which industry the parts are delivered later. The ear-deafening noise fills the room and you have to shout at each other if you want to talk. Here, you can easily get deaf. The first cut: The bowels fall on a conveyer belt. One for air tube to liver and another for maws/ guts to rectum. Urine flows out on the belt – the excrements are collected for dung later. The mow-gut-pluck falls from the belt. Now, there is a urine puddle in addition to the blood puddle on the floor.
I am standing at the conveyer belt where the phrenic is cut out for examination and the heard is open because of the cysticercus show. Behind me, the treadmills drive with one head on the hook and the upper bowels of tongue, air tube to lunge, heart and liver parts by turns. The whole liver is put in a separate tray and will be hung up to drip off. The muscles of one head are still jerking as the cell death commences later.

Life starts when all cells start to work together. At death the cells die one after another – each for itself…
The death meat is still warm and you could vomit if you think that these animals were still alive short time before and are now hanging here as death bodies just because of the demand of consumers.
Meanwhile, I am splattered with blood from top to the bottom and go to the conveyor belt where the guts arrive. The liver is examined for parasites here, as well. We found a liver leech. He is green and runs over my finger, makes itself small so that he fits through the gall canals – which irony….
In one corner the heads; covered in blood they poke out their tongue – they are stick into a machine and separated from the skin. The brain is already missing. Since BSE it is seen as a dangerous good and is destroyed. The eyes are cut out, a part of the back of the head is removed. Across from me a man on a hydraulics grid uses a huge electric powered saw and trenches the outer rest of the beef body. A beef is discovered which cannot be registered as food – it has an infection presumably – with up swelled lymph nodes, a thick knee – it is separated and marked with a triangle by using a coloured pencil. However, the bowels were already transported on the conveyor belt and reach the retail market infected..
When the cattle are healthy they are registered and get a stamp on each half and are driven forward on the treadmill.
An industry of horror with men smudged with blood from top to bottom which are sitting in their break room and having breakfast. Everything is completely normal for them, they have no respect for life. In the halls below them they kill, murder or just „slaughter“ as they call it.
I have seen everything and go out to get some fresh air. It is mild, the sun is shining and I take a deep breath. These poor animals will never see the sunshine again, will never breathe again... Just not think about this. I do not return into the hall. I cleaned the overall. I had to scrub it hard to remove all the blood and the meat pieces sticking on it. I washed my hands and disinfected them. But , nonetheless, I went under the shower to wash my hair immediately at home. It feels completely nasty to be contaminated with strange blood.
In the hall next-door the maws for the dog food industry and the guts for the „natural guts industry“ are treated. Everything is used, except for the "muh"!
And especially that should sound in our ears and should remember us that cows shall not lie behind the sales counter!!!
It is Friday noon, nearly weekend. Lorries are standing on the court and drive away – they are empty now...
A sticker displays at the back: "animal transports, kept appropriate to the species, obliged to the animal protection"... Which irony ...
A macabre trainee day has end.
Tina Ehmke

Dear reader,

Please send us such or similar experiences. We think that many still-meat eaters come to their senses due to discovering and publishing of the reality in the slaughter houses. Feedbacks to this article show this to us.
This barbaric crime at animals is hidden of the public so that the circle of cruelness can go on and will not be disturbed by anyone – because it is a matter of a lot of money, so economical interests.
But finally the consumer has the events in his hands and determines the demand with his consumer behaviour.