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Vegetarisch genießen

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I am afraid - Report of a deer mother

»Today, I would like to go to eat with my daughter to the edge of the forest. There are a lot of fine spicy herbs which are good for us. But I am afraid. Yesterday, I already noticed a strange cold as I wanted to approach the edge of the forest. This is always a sign that there a „certain beings“close-by. Mainly, the “monster-beings” are a danger for us. We call them like this as they have built towers all-over at the edge of the forest so that they can hide themselves and can kill us from behind although we do not mean mischief. They call that cynical “foster and care“. My daughter, my bambi, urgently needs fresh herbs for her growth. We cannot just live on bark permanently. Every day bark, every day fir shoots – that is not our feeding we need. Our cells hunger for fresh herbs but the „monster-beings“ with their many weapons do not want that we eat them. They drove us back in the forest with their eldritch presence. Why do they force us to eat bark? Therewith they have pretence to shoot us? We are creatures which would like to go to the edge of the food when the sun is shining and would like to enjoy the warm sun. But the “monster-beings” prevent this, as well. We always have to go eating at night and have to sleep during the day and have to hide. We permanently live in fear of death. What sort of creatures are they, theses „monstrosities“? Every time we notice them we feel an unbelievable cold in us so that we can hardly breathe. Often, we freeze because of fear. Perhaps, these are the memories of so many murdered friends and relatives. Last year, such a “monster“ shot at my son. He was still young. I stood beside him and could not help him. It was terrible. We are all still traumatized and every time I remember these scenes my whole body shivers. There was a loud bang. At the same time, blood and bowels splashed out of my son’s stomach. He trailed with us into the dense underbrush to hide. I wanted to flee much further with him - far, far away from these „monstrosities“. But he already has lost too much blood and parts of his bowel got caught all-around in the knobs of the underbrush. The bullet has busted a big hole in his stomach. It was awful to see that as a mother. He had to contend with unimaginable pain.
He moaned and whined many hours. Suddenly, dogs appeared. They followed the trail of blood and bit him in his neck until he died. We just could hide us early enough before the „monster-beings“ arrived and set their dogs on my son. Nevertheless, I could follow what they did with my son. One of these “monstrosities“ took a knife and slashed the stomach of my son. He snatched away certain bowels and bathed with his hands in warm blood. It seemed to be a ritual as he poked a green fir branch between the teeth of my dead son. He also fixed a branch on his hat. In this way he may want to show what a glamour guy he is in killing my son cold-blooded. He seemed to gloat over this because he laughed at the other „monster-beings“ again and again which arrived by and by. They were all happy and congratulated him and some of them drank out of little bottles and drank a toast on him. He just threw the snatched bowel in the next copse. These “monstrosities” seemed to be insensible compared to life. We do not understand how certain beings can behave in this way as they should have the same huge spirit in themselves as we have. Don’t they have the huge spirit any more? Had they let in another bad spirit? This would explain a lot of things. Some of us think that not all beings have this bad spirit. But if this is the case why do they tolerate that we innocent creatures are allowed to be tortured, haunted, hurt and killed endlessly by these „monster-beings“? Why don’t they help us? Why? «