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Vegetarisch genießen

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Eating meat makes you sick

Whereas there still circulates generally the opinion that meat is an important part of diet numerous scientific publications come to a total different conclusion: worldwide studies have shown that meat is not only dispensable for diet but also can even harm health.

Veg: Mr Dr. Kugler, can eating meat make us sick?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: It is proven that meat is jointly responsible for a huge part of the today’s disease of civilisation like cancer, articular gout, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. According to latest studies meat has also a negative influence on brain activity. The risk to come down with Alzheimer’s disease is twice as high for meat eaters than for vegetarians. Some doctors and nutrition experts go to such lengths to count meat not longer as foodstuffs but to classify meat as semi-luxury food like alcohol and tobacco.

Veg: How did this total new appraisal of meat consumption developed? After all, meat was vaunted as a part of vital force some years ago!

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: The scientific state has utterly enhanced and the facts are self-evident. To put it in other words: the world is no plate – and eating meat makes sick!

Veg: Does the consumption of meat boost osteoporosis?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: Yes. Meat and fish contain on average more phosphorus than calcium, as opposed to vegetable food. The body releases calcium out of the bones to balance this proportion. But this release affects the bone constitution and enhances the risk of osteoporosis. This is especially fatal for teenagers. Because of the high meat consumption less bone mass is built. The combination meat and cola is critical in particular as cola is very rich in phosphorus as well. In addition to that fact there is another one: During the decomposition of animal diet acids emerge in the body which harm the bone constitution as well. Most hip fractures occur in those countries in which the consumption of animal proteins is very high.

Veg: Which further serious illnesses are boosted by consumption of meat?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: The cancer which occurs more often in our western civilisation is also associated with the meat consumption: Frying, cooking and broiling of meat and fish produce heterocyclic amine which are involved in the development of colon cancer and also harm the myocardial muscle.

Veg: Are there international research results which substantiate that the consumption of meat boosts cancer?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: The National Institute for Health (NiH) which is the biggest institution of medicinal research determined a higher cancer risk due to the consumption of red meat (beef, pork….). Uruguay and Argentina belong to the two countries with the highest consumption of beef of the world and these two counties suffer from highest rates of cancer of the breast and of the colon according to a publication of the University of Buenos Aires.

Veg: Is there a connection between diabetes and the consumption of meat?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: You also cannot repudiate a connection between diabetes and the consumption of meat: generally, predominantly saturated fatty acids are contained in animal fats. Saturated fatty acids can minimise the activity of insulin receptors in the body as several studies have shown.
The blood insulin level arises in the long term which is a risk criterion for diabetes mellitus, for coronary heart disease and for some kind of tumours.
A huge number of studies in 2001 and 2002 of e.g. University in Toronto, Upsala, Otago or the Harvard medical School in Boston have shown significantly the fatal connection between consumption of meat and diabetes.

Veg: How does meat influences neurodermatitis?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: Meat advances phlogistic skin diseases, e.g. neurodermatitis, but also inflammation of small intestine and large intestine (Morbus Crohn, colitis) as well as asthma, chronic bronchitis and synovitis like arthritis, rheumatism and articular gout. Arachidonic acid which is contained in meat and sausage stimulates the accumulation of inflammation materials in the body.

Karlheinz Deschner

(Dr. phil., historian, academic of literature, philosopher and multiple prize-winning author) »Does a human race which kills sextillion animals not deserve even this what they did to the animal?«

Veg: Does meat also play a role for heart diseases?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: Yes, the meatless food is also recommended for „heart affairs“: international studies have shown that the risk of heart attack for men is higher the higher the administration of heme iron which is found in red meat.

Veg: Which effect has meat consumption on the brain?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: Who want to keep a clear head as long as possible should change over to vegetarian diet due to medicinal knowledge: cholesterol and saturated fatty acids which are found in meat advance the risk for dementia illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease. Africans living in America were compared with Africans living in Nigeria for example. In this process the Africans living in America have shown a 2,4 higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. A main reason for this difference could be the diet of both population groups. Africans in Nigeria feed predominantly on vegetarian as Americans have mostly the „western-diet” – with a large amount of meat, sausage, milk produces and refined carbohydrates.

Veg: Which echo was caused by these numerous knowledge of the science about the risks of the consumption of meat?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: Appallingly, almost none. Many doctors like to keep on their antiquated theorems so that they do not need to change their eating habits. It’s a pity!

Veg: Isn’t it almost careless if corresponding recommendations or warnings are missing from the family doctors? Where are the awareness campaigns at schools, where is the area-wide exposure of the legend of meat by the media? Why is the catering in hospitals and day-care centres not converted to meatless?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: That’s right. We play with our health and with the health of our children if there follow no doings after theses facts.

Veg: What would you say about the future of meat eaters?

Dr. med Hans-Günter Kugler: It is certain: The future is vegetarian! Somebody who still thinks that meat is an important part of the diet and is even healthy has to acquiesce the allegation not to be up to date scientifically any more.
The futurologist Matthias Horx prognosticates that time will come in which meat of killed animals will be eaten only in secret restaurants – for horrendous prices…. How long this development will take is due to us again. Because we are the „consumer“, the eaters. By the way: not only our health will thank us for the leave of cutlet, burger & co: all the millions and millions of animals which are forced in bulk cots and carve out a distressful, short life and die a just as distressful dead will thank us as well!
Also the nature will thank us. The rain forest will thank us and the people in poor countries will thank us: Just if the western nations reduce their meat consumption about only 10% nobody had to die of hunger anymore on this earth.

Veg: So, everybody who takes the blinkers away can recognize: eating vegetarian can safe lives – the life of animals and the life of human beings. In our magazine “Vegetarisch genießen“ you can see which delicious alternatives there are for meals with meat!

Mister Dr. Kugler,
many thanks for the interview!

manu-smrti 5.51

(Hinduism) “Who agrees upon killing of animals, who slaughters them, who kills them, who buys or sells animals as meat, who prepares, presents or eat it: all of them are slayers.”

Dr. med. Hans-Günter Kugler

Physician’s Society for the Promotion of a Vegetarian Diet